Fondazione BarovierToso in Murano


The historic Murano-based company Barovier&Toso, world-renowned for its Venetian Crystal artworks, has launched the Barovier&Toso Foundation.

Fondazione Barovier&Toso was established by Rinaldo Invernizzi, president of Barovier&Toso.

The Foundation is committed to promoting arts and culture from around the world, approaching contemporary artistic expressions from a historical perspective while giving priority to creative endeavours related to Venice and its heritage. By engaging with all forms of art that resonate with Venetian traditions and in particular that of glassmaking, the foundation aims to support the special role of Venice as one of the most prestigious cultural place in the world.


A collection of Barovier&Toso Projects

A key element is the establishment of a corporate historical archive, which preserves both works and projects signed by Barovier&Toso. This archive contains iconic creations and documents of invaluable worth, evidencing the leading position the company holds in the global glassmaking industry.

This heritage is the result of centuries of research, education, and development, in a path of continuous evolution that testifies to Italian excellence in the field. The project, which will take a couple of years, involves critical research, cataloging, and archiving of thousands of documents and artifacts that will be digitized and made accessible for the first time. Currently, the archive gathers 22,000 designs by Ercole Barovier, thousands of technical drawings of chandeliers, historical photographs, letters, and old postcards, ancient work tools, as well as a collection of nearly 200 historical objects produced by Barovier&Toso, which will be enriched over time.


The Foundation as an innovative art establishment

The Fondazione Barovier&Toso plans to create an art collection through donations by artists supported by the foundation. The collection will provide a visual record of the activities of the Foundation and will be made available to the public through follow-up exhibitions.

The Fondazione Barovier&Toso promotes synergies with emerging and established artists and cultural institutions, facilitating a dialogue that crosses borders and generations.

Within the combined powers of past and present, between local and global, the Foundation presents itself as an innovative art establishment, where Venetian culture and the glassmaking tradition in particular, merge with the most forward-thinking artistic statements, enabling a unique and timeless exchange that remains faithful to the principle that all art has been contemporary at the moment of its creation.



Group exhibition: a visual account of Venice based on first-hand experience.

“H2O Venezia: Diari d’Acqua / Water Diaries” is a collaboration between Lapis Lazuli: artE and the Fondazione Barovier&Toso.

The group exhibition follows an artist-in-residence program for which five emerging artists were selected from around the world, to prepare a visual account of Venice based on first-hand experience.

The exhibition is being organized at SPUMA – Space for the Arts at Giudecca.

The selected artists are Alizée Gazeau (from France), Marija Jaensch (from Holland), Amy Thai (from Australia), Sofía Toribio (from Argentina), and Jiaying Wu (from China).

The exhibition brings together paintings, sculptures, works on paper, textiles, and installations.